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Virginia Falconry School

Located at Raptor Hill

Our Experiences



Private Falconry Experience

Our most popular experience, where you get the opportunity to have one of our falcons flying to your gloved arm, exclusive to your group only.



Most Popular

 Private Falconry PLUS Owl 

Everything our Private Falconry Experience offers PLUS  you will meet one of our resident owls in an up close and personal experience, exclusive to your group only. 



  VIP Private Falconry


For those who want it all! Get the opportunity to meet two of our resident raptors and have one of them fly to your gloved arm, plus meet one of our owl ambassadors for photo opportunities, exclusive to your group only.



Falconry is one of the most regulated hunting sports in the US.  This course is  for guests that are strictly interested in obtaining a falconry license.  Learn the process in obtaining a falconry license and find out if this committed sport and way of life is for you.

   Private 1/2 Day Falconry Course

Coming Soon!

Private Group Raptor Encounter

For larger family groups, scout groups, home school groups, organizations or any other larger groups.  Up to 6 guests can have the opportunity to look into the eyes of an owl, witness the true speed of a falcon in flight, and learn about the fascinating world of these amazing apex predators, exclusive to your group only.

Coming Soon!

New Private Owl Experience

Our Private Owl Experience is perfect for those who want up-close owl encounters just for your family or group. You will have an opportunity to enter our resident owl’s training aviary, where you will meet two of our Owls for photos in a personal experience.

Consulting Services


Got issues?

The welfare and mental health of the raptors that we keep in captivity is most important. Everything from behavioral assessment to enrichment, we specialize in force free training and offer advice and customized training workshops for you or your raptor handling team.  

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